7th Grade Boys Baketball

The 7th grade boys basketball team didn't do so well. They finished 0-10. Most of their points were scored by Andrew Dunkel and Colton Korhonen. The starting lineup was; Colton at point guard, Nick at guard, Cal at forward, Seamus at power forward, and Andrew dominating at center. They had many plays though none of them seemed to work, usually Andrew or Colton just took it in for a lay-up, or dished it out for a jump shot. In every game we were close but had trouble in the end. Colton had the high game with 19 followed by Andrew with 15. When the playoffs hit we knew we had no chance because we were going to play Happy (ha-ha) Family. We started the game good but faded at the end. The final score was 28 - 11 capping a disappointing season.

Pictures resembling our starters:

Colton: Allen Iverson

Nick: Earl Boykins (left)
Shaq, "Ha-ha, I could eat you in one bite"

Cal: Adam Morrison

Seamus: Buff Dude
Maybe "it's" not a basketball
player but it still looks like him.

Andrew: Ben Wallace
He looks just like me. All season I was
trying to get my hair in an afro but it
wouldn't go.

Coach: Simpson's guy
"I saw it on a t-shirt once"

My favorite play in the NBA:
5ft 9in. Nate Robinson blocking 7ft 6in. Yao Ming.

Nate Robinson in 2006 NBA Dunk Contest:

Nate Again, this time in a brawl: