Spheniscus demersus
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African penguins are the only
penguin in Africa. They are not that
tall only 27 inches and wiegh 7 to
11 pounds.

African penguins live and breed on the coast of South Africa and on the off
shore islands. During the 17th and 18th century the African penguin was killed
for food and oil. More recently the collection of guano has destroyed nesting
areas. At one time the population was estimated to be in the millions. This number has decreased
to about 160,000 in 1993.

Size: 7 to 11 pounds and he is about 2 feet and 27 inches tall. (They are the biggest penguins in Africa. Because there the

only penguins).

Population: there are so many African Penguins in Africa 180,000

penguins. (Man that is alot).

Location: it is right on the islands off the coasts of South Africa.

Diet: There diet is Fish and kril. (That is a yucky diet).

Nest: Therer nest are under burrows dug under rocks or sparse vegetation

Lifespan: Is long for a African Penguin is about 15-20 years. (I can't think I can leave in the
snow that long but I still like the snowbut I would not live in it).

(This a cute picture of the African
Penguins. I think so).
african penguins babies

Offspring: African penguins do not have a specific breeding season. They breed all year
round. When a pair of African penguins is ready to become parents, they come ashore and build
their nest by digging into sand and guano (dried bird droppings.) The female African penguin lays 2
eggs. She and her husband take turns guarding the nest and incubating the eggs. Their babies
hatch after about 37 days. Baby African penguins have gray down feathers covering their entire
bodies when they first break out of the shells. Then, their backs turn gray-blue and their bellies white.
They don't yet have white bands on their faces and black bands across their chests like their parents.
Baby African penguins are helpless, so their parents do not leave them alone. There is always one
parent staying home to take care of the young. The other goes out to catch fish and squids. Baby
African penguins grow fast. In about 8-18 weeks, they are ready to bid their parents goodbye and
live by themselves.

Interesting Facts:

1. The sound they makes like donkey yelp.
2. Some people in Africa has some as a Africa Penguin as a pet.
3. People say they are one of the cutes penguins.
4. They do not live with there babies for long.