All the teachers are the sweetest and kindest to all their students, and they try to teach them well while they have them for the year.

Mrs. Hansen:

Mrs. Hansen is my religion and spelling teacher and she always helps us with our problems!
Mrs. Hansen is really nice and is one of my favorite teachers.
Mrs. Hansen is so funny she always makes me happy with a good 12:30 laugh.
Mrs. Hansen is so cool!!!!!
Is a sweet teacher.
She is the one I go to for help.
she is nice.
Mrs. Hansen is a great religion teacher.
I like her because she gives out candy on people's birthday.
She is nice to me. Whenever it's our birthday, she gives us candy
Mrs.Hansen puts the C in cool because she is the best religon teacher ever!!!!!
your class is cool
Mrs.Hansen is an awsome teacher because she give us cool projects!
Mrs. Hansen is really funny.
Great religion teacher
She is a awsome teacher and she can be very funny!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Hansen is the coolest teacher ever. She is so funny.

Mr. Sefton:

Mr. Sefton is my gym, math, social studies, and science teacher and he has a lot of stories to tell!
Mr. Sefton is so funny and nice he very funny he starts my day with laugh but when I think of it all the teachers are funny.
Mr. Sefton is good at telling good stories.
Is my teacher and I llike him a lot.
Mr.Sefton helps me with my missing work.
He is very nice to me and helps me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sweet a lot.i like him a lot!!!!!!
He is fun to play with.
He likes to join in and play with us when we're playing a game.
He lets us play with real bats and gloves for baseball. He is funny. He is nice to me.
He lets us do gym outside.
Mr. Sefton is the best gym teacher!
your awesome
Because he teaches about sports.
Because he is nice, and we get to play sports.
I like Mr. Sefton because he teaches us gym.
He gets us good exercise.

Mrs. Sommerville:

Mrs. Sommerville is my english teacher and we have fun with her!
Mrs. Sommerville is nice.
Mrs. Sommerville is my english teacher and before she wasn't I didn't understand english but now I do because she is a great teacher.
Mrs. Sommervile is the most awesome social studies teacher!
Mrs. Sommerville makes me laugh alot
Mrs. Somerville makes our schoolwork fun.
you make social studies fun
Mrs.Sommerville is the best teacher ever
Mrs. Somerville is the coolest teacher i have had.
Mrs. Somerville is really cool.
Mrs. Somerville is really fun.
Helps us understand geography

Ms. Morgan:

Mrs. Morgan is my computer teacher and she lets us have free time a lot!
Ms. Morgan teaches us how to type better.
Mrs. Morgan is nice and funny.
I love being in her classroom.
Mrs. Morgan helps you with your typing she great.
Sometimes she lets us have time to play on the computer, and she lets us go on the internet.
Mrs. Morgan is the nicest and kindest computer teacher ever!
She always helps us if our computer doesnt work
you help with typing thanks
Mrs.Morgan helps me a lot with compiters THANKS!
She's a nice computer teacher, and she helps me when I get lost.
Ms. Morgan helps me to learn about computers.

Mrs. Frost:

Mrs. Frost is my art teacher and she encourages us to do our best!
Mrs Frost is a good art teacher.
Mrs. Frost has good art projects for us.
Mrs. Frost always lets us do the coolest art projects!
Art is awesome

Mrs. Johnson:

Mrs. Johnson teaches me music and we learn a lot and play games a lot
Mrs. Johnson is nice she gives a lot of extra credit!
Mrs. Johnson is a good music teacher!
She is a very fun music teacher. She taught us how to play the recorder. Mrs. Johnson is very fun to be around with.
She teaches us music very well.
She's nice because she teaches us recorders and all kinds of music.
She lets us have fun sometimes. We play bingo with her sometimes.
Mrs. Johnson lets us play games in music class.
I like music
She is a nice person, and she helps us with music.

Mrs. Dunkel

She was my teacher last year and I liked her alot.
She is very funny.
She is very fun and I think she is really cool.
She is fun and cool.
I like her because she's a really good teacher.
Mrs. Dunkel is the best teacher because she's fun and funny.
She's nice and special.
She's kind to me.
She helps me with things I don't understand.
Mrs. Dunkel is really nice, and she lets us do cool stuff when we do free time. And she lets us do math.
Sometimes she gives us free time, and I really like it.
She's nice and she teaches us a lot.
Mrs. Dunkel is pretty and funny, and she's a great teacher.
She's the best teacher in the world. She's nice. We all like her very much. We want to keep her for the rest of the year.
She's a very nice teacher, and she's really fun.
Mrs. Dunkel is nice, and she helps me with my work.
She is very kind, and she teaches us very well.
She's nice. She's kind. She's sweet. She's fun.
Well, Mrs. Dunkel she likes math a lot. She teaches me more ways how to do math. She teaches me how to do english. She likes to go on vacation a lot.
She is a good teacher.
She is nice to me. She is nice to Jack.
You're a good teacher.
U r the coolest person ever

Mrs. Dixon

Mrs.Dixon is a nice teacher.
Mrs.Dixon is a good writter.
Mrs.Dixon teaches me alot of stuff and helpes me when i need help.
Mrs.Dixon gives us easy work.
Mrs.Dixon is a good teacher and gives us more recesses.
Mrs.Dixon is special.
She is really nice.
She is one of my favorite teachers, and very kind like an angel.
She's sweet and nice and she's my favorite teacher in the world.
She read books to us, and she is nice.
She helps us tie.
U r so asome

Mrs. Steibel

She is nice and she takes us outside.
She is fun and she takes us for extra recess.
She helps me and we go outside.
She teaches us about religion.
She is funny and she plays with us.
Mrs. Steible is nice and good at teaching.
We have butterflies.
She gives us centers.
She is fun and loves frogs.
She's really nice and funny.
She's sweet and she's funny and she's a great teacher.
She is nice and is good at math.
She is a good teacher. She lets us have extra recess.
She is nice, and she lets us have fun.

Ms. Krotzer

She is really good with kids.
nice to me.
She is nice, and she's a good reader.
I like Ms. Krotzer because she teaches me math.
She's good at math.
She teaches me lots of things, and I like her. She is special, because I like her.
I like Ms. Krotzer because she gives me good grades. She helps me.
She teaches us, and she reads with us. She plays games with us. She plays with us outside, and she's a good teacher. She's really nice.
She's really nice.
She teaches us, and she lets us play games.
Ms. Krotzer is my cousin's mom's niece, and she is very nice.

Mrs. Hodges

She helps us with all are homework and lets us skip math sometimes.
She is always helpfull, kind, and has patience with us.
She is always willing to heip when we are having trouble with our math.
She really fun to be around.
She is nice to me. She is nice to Mary'K.
She is the best math teacher ever!
She is so talented at Math and helps me understand it
She has helped me out on alot of hard math problems.
Best math teacher in the school.

Ms. Griggs

Ms. Griggs is nice because she does not give alot of homework to kids and lets us play games.
Ms. Griggs plans very fun feild trips for us, and on the feild trips we always learn something.
your cool
isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sooooooooooooooooooooo very very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Steffen

Mrs. Steffen is really, really, really nice, and she lets us do some stuff.
She is nice. She lets us have fun. She is funny.
your funny
Ur the coolest person ever
Ms. Steffen is very nice, and she lets us play a lot.

Mrs. Carroll

Mrs. Carroll lets us go on the playground when it's warm outside.
She is a nice principal. She is funny.
She is a nice principal. She's nice to me. And, she is really funny, actually. Sometimes she lets us have some extra reccess.
Ms. Carroll is nice, and I hope that we get the tether-ball.
Mrs. Carroll is very nice and she always smiles!
your awesome
Mrs.Carroll is the Best principal ever.
She is a great literature teacher. She helps everyone with hints on Spelling Tests.
She is very nice and is a great teacher and principal.
I like Ms. Carroll. She is cool. She lets us do everything.
She's nice, and helpful, and watches us outside. She does stuff with us. And watches us.
Because she teaches us about God and Jesus.